SEE A SMILE Even while wearing a mask! SHARE A SMILE From behind your mask! KEEP SCHOOL
Without losing the social!
Kinderpic personalized stickers
Go to school wearing a smile!
Here’s how Kinderpic works:
Kinderpic is a simple customized product made up of stickers with your child’s smiling face on it.

First, you order a Kinderpic Pac of 20 stickers and check out.

Then you securely upload a photograph of you (for teachers) or your child (for students.)

We print your stickers and ship them to you at no charge.

A Simple Concept
A supply of one-day stickers to get you through roughly one month of school.
Super Affordable
Just 55¢ per sticker, which includes a donation to local teachers!
Giving Back to Teachers
10% of all sales goes directly back to teachers.  (You can opt out if you like.)
School is going to be a little different for a while.
For Students
Especially for young elementary school students, and new students to a school, wearing a face mask will be uncomfortable on many levels.
For Teachers
With a face mask on, it will be harder for teachers to smile and bond with students. This can pose both learning and socializing challenges.
Kinderpic can make connecting easier and more fun!

Students can see each other. This can help facilitate peer-to-peer socializing and reduce the external stresses of having to wear a face mask. With Kinderpic, students can see their classmates smiling all the time!

Teachers can see their students. For many teachers, “reading the room” is an innate skill and a useful tool for class orientation.  With face masks on, this could become more challenging.  Kinderpic helps teachers see their “real” students more quickly.

Students can see their teachers. While teachers are wearing face masks, it may make it more difficult for students to connect with their instructors, especially if they never see them smile.  Kinderpic helps teachers smile at their students, even while wearing a face mask!

Faces-400x400px-1_1_09 (Demo)
Jeniffer Burns
Mom of a 1st grader

My son is shy by nature, and going to school with a mask on was just going to make things that much harder.  Kinderpic is perfect for him!  His friends and his teachers will get to see him at his best, and I know it will just make things so much easier.  THANKS!!

Faces-400x400px-1_1_30 (Demo)
Rick DaCosta
Elementary School Principal

This is SUCH a great idea for students and teachers!  I’m trying to find a way to make sure all my teachers in K through 5 have a set for at least the first two months of school.

Ellen Walker
Basic Skills Instructor

As a teacher of basic skills, I don’t have a lot of time to get to know students like regular teachers do.  Now, with COVID and having to wear a mask, it will make things that much harder.  With the sticker on my shirt, the students can see me (and hopefully, I can see them) and it will be a much easier way to get to know each other and start learning together!

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