Developed by a teacher, for teachers and young students.

Normally, young students and teachers can bond through close contact. Kinderpic aims to help ease the challenges created by social distancing.

This school year will be a challenge.  Let’s meet it with a smile.

As the 2020 school year begins under the cloud of COVID-19, students and teachers will face many challenges.  Of course, health considerations come first.  And that’s why most schools will be mandating that students and faculty wear face masks.

For young elementary school students, who may be coming to school for the very first time, this will be especially hard.  They won’t see their classmates’ faces.  And, just as important, they won’t see their smiling teacher’s face.

That’s why I developed Kinderpic.  It’s a simple and affordable idea that can help ease the challenges for new students and their teachers. A 3 1/2″ x 5″ sticker that you adhere to your shirt, with a picture of your smiling face! This way, students and teachers can see each other’s “real” face, without a mask. You can’t replace an ACTUAL smile, but at least you can share one!

– Ms. Travis, New Jersey elementary school teacher


Each Kinderpic Pac comes with 20 stickers – just about enough to get through about a month of school or so.  (PS – you can always order more!) The stickers are designed to be worn once per day, and then thrown away. Since we do want to be careful about the environment, the stickers are made of recycled paper and use adhesive from recycled materials.

Simple.  And affordable!
Each Kinderpic Pac costs just $11.

That’s $10 for the stickers, the software that takes your image and duplicates it onto the stickers, the printer who prints and ships it, and the postage it costs to get to you.

The extra $1 gets donated to teachers around the country, who are facing tough challenges and putting their health on the line to ensure students get a good education.  (During checkout, you can opt out of that donation if you’d like.)

Teachers and students will have to keep their distance this school year.  Kinderpic can help advance socializing and reduce the stress of a difficult situation.

A simple way to ease into school, reduce anxiety, recognize their peers, and show their individuality!
An efficient way to help create a friendly atmosphere in class, and help students recognize who you are under your mask.
An affordable tool to help your child get the most out of their school experience, even while social distancing.