Frequently Asked Questions

Kinderpic is a simple idea developed by a teacher to help students and teachers socialize in a COVID-19 world. A large part of school is socialization, and a large part of socialization is seeing each other’s faces. With mask requirements this year, it will be difficult, especially for younger students in early elementary grades, to appropriately adapt to a new environment. Kinderpic became a simple solution to enable others to see your smiling face – and that goes for teachers, too!

One Kinderpic order includes 20 stickers. We developed that number to carry kids through roughly one month of school. If, after one month, your student is feeling more comfortable with his/her peers and teachers, then we hope Kinderpic had a little something to do with that. If you want to re-order, you can certainly do so!

Of course! During checkout, you can order multiple sets for one student, or one set each for multiple students. If you have two or more children in school, you can get each of them a set during a single checkout.

FOR PRINCIPALS AND ADMINISTRATORS:  for bulk orders (for all teachers or for whole groups of students,) please contact and use the subject line: “bulk order admin.”

The founder of Kinderpic is a teacher, and knows that many teachers often go into their own pockets to set up their classrooms and make them fun and educational environments for their students. This year will be tougher than any other, and many teachers are being asked to go above and beyond the call of duty. The $1 donation will be used to help teachers in a small way with supplies and other resources. Please note that you can opt out of this donation during checkout.

Each Kinderpic order comes with 20 stickers, so you can use a new one every day for about a month of school. At the end of the day, you can simply peel it off and throw it away. We are using labels that are made of recycled paper, and adhesive made from recycled materials to be as friendly to the environment as possible.

For general information, you can email us at

For questions about your order, you can email

Kinderpic is a fun, simple, and affordable way to help keep your student smiling during COVID-19 mandates to wear masks to school.